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exhibition: LOST IN THE MÖBIUS-Taiwan・Macau

participating work: A Collage of Time

curator: Wong Siu-Lam Natalie & Lai Yi-Hsin Nicole

participating artists: Yves Etienne Sonolet, Lee Tzu-Ling, Lei Sio-Chong Bianca, Ng Fong-Chao Noah, Chen Po-I, Eric Fok, You Don’t Know Me At All (Ciou Zih-yan, Ni-Hsiang, Chen Chun-Yu), Kimoto Ko (Chu Yin Hua, Hsu Tzu Han, Lin Kuan Yen)

also Introduce: Lee Pei-Yu

“Doomsday” and “Revival” seem to be two antithetical concepts but they connote many issues of human life and survival. These issues are closely related to the history, culture, politics, society and economy of places/regions. The exhibition Lost in the Möbius in Ox Warehouse invites eight groups of artists in total from Taiwan and Macau to undertake residence research projects and to use reflexive thinking to develop their works on the topics of Taiwan and Macau. They trace back and understand the ramification, overlapping and intersection in different colonial history respectively and the cultural features developed under modernity. Through rethinking of identity issues in relation to the environment through artworks, this exhibition summarizes and explores our positions and connections within the ever-growing globalization and urban development in Asia.

This project officially commenced in 2014. At the early residency stage in Macau, although there seem to be very few connections between the urban development and city landscapes of Taiwan and Macau. However, in fact, the connections between the two places could be traced back to 400 years ago. When the first wave of globalization and market trading developed, the destiny of Taiwan and Macau was expanded by seal, and then influenced the regional development, colonization and economics of two places in the following hundreds of years. In addition, they also interwove with other East Asian countries, shaping their own trajectories of destiny. In this context, combining our thinking on Taiwan with the residence experience in Macau, we came up with three dimensions for discussion, attempting to explore and perceive the history and the status quo of two places. First, we deal with “decolonization” on the political and the historical aspects. The second dimension is related to the discussion of “the disneyization of society” in terms of contemporary consumerism and urban landscape. The last dimension we deal with is the “contemporary myth” that is constructed and disseminated at a political level. These dimensions respond to the research theme of the relations between “Doomsday” and “Revival” from different angles, neither simply binary oppositions nor two linear ends. The state of a city life is like traveling through the trajectory on a ‘Möbius Band’, which is never absolutely “positive versus negative” or “inside versus outside.” We travel in an infinite, continuous“∞”.


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