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A Collage of Time

>> video: 11’5”, sound, colour

>> materials: dried fruit, pasta (conchiglie, mezze penne rigate, fusilli, & spaghetti), Japanese noodles, red bean & black bean, Chinese medicine (eucommia ulmoides, wolfberry & cordyceps flower) wood, metal wire & resin clay;

Tainan is filled with scenes of “collage” which are due to the pursuit of spiritual and material needs of people, whether in the texture of streets, the structure of house, even in the ornate roof of temples also using one kind of collage ( Jiannian craft, also called Cut & Paste Shard art). These activities superimposed and accumulated over time which create a unique urban landscape and present the humane aspects of life. Though it could be both beneficial and detrimental, the most important thing is that many precious traces of history and cultural contexts could be retained.



-2016  “Lost in the Mobius — Taiwan.Macau”, Taipei Artist Village & FreeS Art Space, Taiwan & Ox warehouse, Macau