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Cyclic Superimposed Realm – Pedras

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In 2016, I was invited to participate in an exhibition titled “Pedra XX – installation exhibition”, one of activities of “Pedra Anchorage: 20 Years of Comuna De Pedra”. And this work was created for that, about looking back at the past and looking forward to having new responses and reactions for the present.

However, looking back or not, the moment is the result of the accumulation of every moment of the past.

* On the opening day of the exhibition (2016/09/03), a live art was performed in front of the audience. It was the first time to overlap “now” with the past moving-image. Moreover, later in the other two days during the exhibition, the overlapping of “now” with the past two layers image was done once again.



-2016  “Pedra XX” –Installation Exhibition ”, Perda Anchorage 20 years of Comuna de Pedra, Art Garden, Macau