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organising: EXiM 2013 – Korea Experimental Video Festival in Macao

Hangjun Lee, Korean artist, comes to Macao giving a performance of multi-projection with four 16mm film projectors. Except for watching 16mm films, feeling an essence of expanded cinema conveyed by Hangjun’s improvisatory live performance with multi-projection collage will be the most significant part. Our eyes are no longer focusing on the mode of single screen and constant playback rate. Instead, we are looking around several overlapping, moving and inconstant projections. The performing work will change depending on each site environment, thus an interlaced dialogue is established between virtual images and real space. Simultaneously, the performance includes also music and sounds composed by Hankil Ryu and Kim Tae Young at this time, which allows us experiencing an experimental creation of deconstruction and reconstruction about light and sounds.

In an era of using digital format generally for images shooting, making and broadcasting, film seems to be a material which is very far away from us. Some people even think it should be put into history museum as a memorial from previous generation. One thing can be sure that today lots of youths should never seen any pieces of work with 16mm film format. However, another ascertainable fact is that there are a great number of artists and film makers having still insisted to use this textured medium. Many of them do not only have a pure preference or keep a conservative mindset about it, but also intent to find more possibilities for the moving image creation. We are in an age of the coexistence of film and digital imaging, hence, undoubtedly, it makes us pondering the ultimate meaning of image should be.

– Bianca Lei Sio Chong



“SitingCinema” — 16mm Multi-Projection Performance by Lee Hangjun, Hankil Ryu, KimTae-Young



  Sync Up Element (2007) : A Stom Sogo Memorial;

Experimental videos from Korea (EXiS) ___韓國實驗影像:

–   EX-Now: NON-Placeness  – curated by Lee Hangjun



Experimental videos from Korea (EXiS)_____韓國實驗影像 :

EX-Was– curated by Lee Hangjun

venue : Ox Warehouse

Festival Curator : Bianca LEI

Korean programme curator : Lee Hangjun

Administrative coordinator: Oscar Cheong, Wyman Wong

Technical coordinator :Cheong Keong Long

Graphic Design: Iris Kuan


sponsors:IACM, MCST;Korea Arts management service

supported by: EXiS