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faith in fakes ii –– under the neon light

>> neon light, light bulbs, doll, bandage, balloons

“This is the reason for this journey into hyper-reality, in search of instances where the imagination demands the real thing and, to attain it, must fabricate the absolute fake; where the boundaries between game and illusion are blurred.”
from “Travels in Hyper-Reality, Faith in Fakes” by Umberto Eco


Under the neon light, only the surface is inflated. What is inside is completely disregarded.

What thing remains? A leaking body? Or the original real one?
What kind of experience did it undergo? Inflating? Deflating? Rising? Falling?

After all, has no more than a round of traces truly existed in space-time? Or, maybe only the surface is inflated, and rising is just a transient illusion. Finally, it is merely a hollow body on the earth.

Under the neon light, something has taken place. What is real? What is illusory? It is completely disregarded.

Under the neon light, the story began ……


2005 “The Second Guangzhou Triennial- Self Organization”, Mainland China.