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faith in fakes iii– games

>> Video projection, acrylic plate, neon light

Someone said: “There will be a new game being presented to the public.”
Someone said: “The old and young are all fascinated by the way of playing.”
Someone reported: “A new game finally was presented to the public. First day, 25,000 people had been squeezing into all selling stores in the city. This subject became the front page news of each newspaper.”

Someone said: “This game can bring everybody’s brilliance of mind into full play.”
One scholar mentioned: “The game involves a lot of categories, including life, love, philosophy, culture, religion, politics, economy and the world.”

Someone said: “This game has broken all previous records, becoming the most popular game in the world.”

The representative of government pointed out: “The total income on the first day made the tax revenue rising to a new high point throughout history. “
Someone said: “It appears menacingly, rising a new great mass fervor. No one can resist it.”
One commentator said: ‘This game will be an immortal legend.”

Someone said: “It became a new main trend, a new page to the games business.”
One organization suggested: “We must start to recruit lots talent experts in games field and establish an international research centre of games in our city “

Someone said, both complainingly and proudly:” As this game, there are at least 3,000 foreigners pouring into our city everyday. It’s huge different from the past.”
Someone said: “This game will bring luck to this city.”

Someone said: “…….”
Moreover, someone made a final conclusion: “Nobody will be lost in this game.”
Someone said: “This is a great game!”

The game won’t be ended, since it started. In fact, no one wants to end it
The story began ……


2006 “Microcosmo – Chinese Contemporary Art”, Macau Art Museum, Macao.