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faith in fakes v – teeming with people!

>> Video projection, mirror

What are they watching?
What am I watching?
Teeming with people?
Or, all my own reflections.

I am standing outside of the video,
but inside the space,
I am the extension of the video,
Just like the video continues the real space.

The mirror is not only the continuation of reality,
but also extends the illusion’s space of the video.
I am standing in front of the mirror.
It reflects me – the one in a real world.
However, I always believe the one in the other side of mirror.

This space reflects false and real status.
Today, our city has been full of REAL dream worlds and fictitious scenes.
While I am confused about what they have been watching in the video,
how I should understand the phenomenon in the city.
What am I watching?


2006 “Moving Castle”, Exchange Exhibition of Four Cities, Macao.