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The scars of my city (chapter 1-7)

>> 19′ / B&W, colour / sound

Various “marks” or “effects” can be imposed upon a “photo”, resulting in transformation, destruction and distortion of the photo images.

In the process of the rapid development of the city, the “scars” of damage have been deeply seared into our living environment. Not only have the buildings of old Macao been transformed, dismantled, buried and forgotten but values have been changed, destroyed and distorted.

Except for expressing my viewpoints and feelings to the development of city, I also want to emphasize the medium of “photograph” and the material of “photographic paper” by tearing, incising, folding etc.

Old photos (comparatively traditional medium) as the starting point, I created a piece of video work, from “static” to “moving”; from the environment in “old photos” to “present” circumstances, which also means “old” to “new”.
*** This work was invited to participate the exhibition “Nostalgia Refreshed: Old Macao + New Media” in Macao Museum of Art in 2011. The exhibition themed about creating a work in the form of new media by starting with the scenes of old Macao (taken in different periods of time by senior photographers). The “Chapters 1-7” of “The Scars of my City” were completed in 2011. And “Chapter 8” were done in 2015.

*** Old photos source: The collection of Macao Museum of Art.



2016   “The Return of Elegancy”- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Art of Museum, Mainland China.

2015   “MAP”exhibition, Albergue SCM, Macau

2015   Artist Fair Taiwan 2015, Taipei Expo Park Expo Dome, Taiwan

2014   “VAFA 2014” – International Video Art Festival, The Oriental Foundation, Macau.

2014   “FICH–1º Festival Internacional de Cinema Chinês e Lusófono”, Lisbon, Portugal;

2014   “HKEX – Asian Experimental Video Festival in Hong Kong” , Hong Kong;

2013  “Asynchronous States -AIA Asia in Independent Asia”, Taipei, Taiwan;

2012  “JETLAG” –Multimedia contemporary art in China, FCAC Video Project, Hanover, Germany;

2011  “Nostalgia Refreshed : Old Macao + New Media”, in Macau Art Museum, Macao.