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Numbers Anxiety – Behind the Canvas

>> Acrylic on canvas / 100x100cm

Continuing the contemplation of the “medium” – painting, the creation extended from the content of the front image to the “behind the canvas”, and the real space of the back of canvas also became an area for the artwork making.

There is more to one than meets the eye.

Realistic painting has always been committed to creating a “fictional” three-dimensional space on a flat surface. The front image of this work is also made in this way.

Another image of the work is a record of the numbers (worldwide and 11 countries) of confirmed cases and death toll of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on August 25, 2020. Those are the “real” numbers at a certain point in human history.

This work will be displayed commonly as a piece of painting, hanging on the wall. That means the audiences only can see the front image of this work in the exhibition venue. In fact, most of times in life, we can only see partial “reality” or so called “reality”, or even a fictional “reality”, while the truly “reality” is always hidden.



2020    Woman Artists International Biennial of Macau, Albergue SCM, Former Municipal Cattle Stable, Galeria Lisboa & Orient Foundation, Macau