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exhibition: Uncertainties: PRD Post-pandemic Contemporary Art Exhibition

participating work:  Peaceful time, not yet …
With Covid-19 sweeping across the world, people continue to live with fear and anxiety.
“Post-pandemic” era refers to the adaptation period that we prepare to coexist with the virus, with all the uncertainties of the past and present and the future. The best-case scenario we can hope for is, a vaccine would be found and the pandemic would be fully contained in the near future. On the other hand, the most pessimistic, worst-case scenario could be: the coronavirus mutates and yet we fail to develop a vaccine and the outbreak spikes again. How can we predict these? Meanwhile, in any case, in the context of today’s global geopolitics, everything is uncertain and uncertainty is everything.
In the exhibition, four sections crisscrossing each other, altogether creating the exhibition’s “temperament” in a mysterious way. Confronting the current turbulence and insecurity with keen perception, participating artists converse with and reflect on the reality and the future world through their works. And beyond this exhibition, we will continue to live with the pandemic and incertitude in the days to come.

Section 1: Resisting Collective Amnesia to Create Certitude in Incertitude
Curator: Wang Jing (Shenzhen)
Artists: Huang Cheng (Guangzhou), Theater 44 (Guangzhou), Ge Li Guan Cha Xiao Zu (Guangdong)+Wu Laobai (Shenzhen)+Li Jiabao (San Francisco/Shenzhen)

Section 2: Isonomia
Curator: He Junyan (Zhuhai)
Artists: Hundred Islands Project (He Junyan, Majing Ruoshui, Fan Guozhen)(Zhuhai), Hu Zuoqing (Zhuhai), Xu Fangzheng (Zhuhai), Sai Yin (Zhuhai/Macau)

Section 3: The Magical World During Our Suspended Existence
Curator: Wu Jing (Shunde)
Artists: Liu Ke (Guangzhou), Deng Zijun (Guangzhou), Chen Yizhi (Guangzhou), Lin Yuqi (Fuzhou/Guangzhou)

Section 4: Flowers
Curator: Noah Ng (Macau)
Artists: yuenjie MARU (Hong Kong), Allen Wong Soi Lon (Macau), Bianca Lei (Macau), Huang Li Yan (Beijing/Guangzhou), Joaquim Franco (Macau)

Opening Ceremony: 29/07/2020 (Wednesday), 18:30Co-Organisation: OCT Boxes Art Museum (FoShan)
Supports: Hundred Island Campsite (Zhuhai), Sabaki Space (Guangzhou), MOKIK Art Institution (Shenzhen)
Curators: Wang Jing (Independent Curator), Wu Jing (Curator of OCT Boxes Art Museum), He Junyan (Independent Curator), Noah Ng (President of Ox Warehouse)
Sponsor: Instituto Cultural de Macau, Macao Foundation
Single Cyber Media Support: Beyond the Bay

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