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Numbers Anxiety – Peaceful time, not yet …

>> 5′ 24″ / B&W / sounds

Coronavirus(COVID-19)has affected countries all over the world. So far, the number of confirmed cases has surpassed 14 million, and more than 600,000 people have lost their lives. There are some territories having entered a second wave of outbreak.

Due to fighting against coronavirus, several countries have imposed a national or localised lockdown, issuing recommendations or restrictions on staying home, maintaining social distancing, avoiding non-essential travel and suspending large-scale gatherings or events etc. The implementation of drastic measures has resulted in a significant reduction in economic activities. Many companies and factories halted production and shops closed. The whole world “stopped” because of the pandemic.

We are not “moving” anymore, but
The number of confirmed cases continuously increases
The death toll is on the rise unceasingly
Economic downturns
Financial markets fluctuate wildly
Global GDP shrinks
The demand for air transport is fallen
Trade volume declines sharply
Globalisation goes backwards
Unemployment rate is increased
Income is decreased
The average of standard living is downgraded
The feeling of social isolation is gradually increasing
Anxiety and fear is aggravated

While coping with the changes in lifestyle and facing every kind of fierce and unconstrained fluctuation, moreover, the uncertainty of prospects and no end in sight, we …



– 2020 Uncertainties: PRD Post-pandemic Contemporary Art Exhibition, Post-Ox warehouse Experimental Site, Macau